Mkmf2.rb: a better replacement for mkmf.rb

What is mkmf.rb ?

mkmf.rb is a simple system for building and installing binary libraries for Ruby. It enables Ruby programmers to write libraries for Ruby in C while not bothering about compilation and installation details. It is provided as a standard part of Ruby.

Why does it need a replacement ?

mkmf.rb hasn't been actively developped for a long time and lacks several features:

I absolutely needed the last two features for a project of my own, and that's why I decided to write it anew, while keeping an eye on backward compatibility.

How can I use it ?

If you are developping a Ruby library, you might want to check the RDoc documentation (a tutorial should be written definitely, but I lack time for now). If you simply want to enjoy the new features of mkmf2 for an already existing library, check out the testing page.