Class Mkmf2::MfBinaryLibEntity
In: mkmf2.rb
Parent: MfEntity

The class to create libraries that need to be built (that is basically why I wrote the whole stuff !).



lib_depends  [RW]  The libraries on which the linking does depend
objects  [RW]  The object files for the library
sources  [RW]  The source files of the library.
suppl_args  [RW]  Supplementary command-line arguments for the linking step. It will be used for instance to store library info.
target_file  [RW]  The name of the file produced in the source directory.

Public Class methods

name:of the binary library produce, for instance "Biniou/Bidule"
sources:sources of the files, defaults to all the potential C/C++ in the current directory. The sources are further expanded with Dir.glob. If you give then name of a directory, it will be expanded
target_file:how the files built in the current directory will be called. Defaults to the same file name as name.
lib_depends:an array of objects, which designate ruby binary libraries that this library does depend on;

Public Instance methods

This removes the object files for the target…