How to test mkmf2.rb

First, you need to get a copy of mkmf2.rb and install it. Unpack the archive, and then run: ruby extconf.rb; make install or ruby --home extconf.rb; make install if you prefer to install to your home directory, or if you don't have the privileges necessary. In that case, make sure that you set the RUBYLIB variable correctly: RUBYLIB=$HOME/lib/ruby

Then, get a library package that installs with the old mkmf.rb, unpack it and run: ruby extconf.rb; make install DESTDIR=./temp.1 This should install the package using the old mkmf.rb under the subdirectory temp.1 of the package.
Then, modify the file extconf.rb of the package. It should contain a line like: require 'mkmf' Transform it into require 'mkmf2' make a copy of the file mkmf.log and run the following: ruby extconf.rb; make install DESTDIR=./temp.2 Then, compare the contents of the temp.1 and temp.2 directories, for instance with the program tree.

In any case, I would like to hear about the results of the test. Send a mail to including the following details:

Thanks for the help !